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Question:  What is Makeup Eraser?

Answer:  Makeup Eraser is a blend of polyester that with just water removes makeup with ease, leaving skin feeling healthy and clean. 

Question:  Can I make a large bulk order at any time?

Answer:  Yes you may. 

Question:  Can I be involved with other network marketing companies?

Answer:  It’s ok with us if it’s ok with them.

Question:  How long has the company been in business?

Answer:  Makeup Eraser LLC. Was established in 2012.  The network marketing arm started in 2013. 

Question:  How does the cloth work?

Answer:  If you will notice, there are 2 different sides to this amazing cloth. The combination of the long exfoliation side, and the shorter (baby blanket/ bathrobe) feeling side that allows you to remove all makeup with just water.

Question:  Why can’t I just buy this at a fabric? 

Answer:  The fabric used in our Makeup Eraser features a very special proprietary blend of fibers. Our cloths are created to do only do one thing, and that is to erase makeup. You will not find anything as effective, as natural, as the Makeup Eraser in stores.

Question:  Will it remove waterproof mascara? 

Answer:  Yes, as seen on the box, Makeup Eraser will remove waterproof mascara in just seconds.

Question:  What if I have sensitive skin and breakout?

Answer:  If you have sensitive skin, you could most likely be breaking out because of chemicals in the products you are using on your face and what it leaves in your pores. You would be a great candidate and would benefit the most from Makeup Eraser.  You will no longer need to use any expensive chemical product on your face that may cause these breakouts and/or dryness.

Question:  Will it dry out my face?

Answer:  It will not dry out your face since you are just using water. If you are naturally dry, you can always use your moisturizer after removing your makeup.  Because you are not using chemicals this should help with your face drying out.

Question:  Can I still use my face wash?

Answer:  You will not need to use your face wash anymore.  However, if you like your face wash, you can always remove your makeup and still use your face wash. Several customers are amazed when after washing with soap or chemicals, how much the eraser still pulls out of pores. So this is a personal preference.

Question:  If I’m going to use face soap still, why do I need this?

Answer:  The Makeup Eraser is great to remove any stubborn makeup especially your eye makeup, it removes eye makeup squeaky clean; you will find yourself no longer tugging at your eyelashes to remove left over mascara. You will no longer see your makeup reappearing over and over after removing it. Also, because it is so much softer than a washcloth, you will save on damaging your eyelashes. PLUS!! No more makeup residue, mascara, or stains on your wash cloth or pillowcases.  I have several towels, cloths, etc. that have been ruined with makeup.

Question:  Does it remove bacteria?

Answer:  It does remove bacteria that are left on your face and in your pores. Most people are shocked after washing with a chemical product and using the Eraser how much makeup their product missed.

Question:  How do you clean Makeup Eraser?

Answer:  Makeup Eraser is fully machine washable. Throw them in with your towels.

Question:  Do you have to wash it every day?

Answer:  No, because the cloth is large enough, you really only need to use a small portion of it each day. I throw mine in the wash with my towels about once a week.

Question:  Do all the stains wash out?

Answer:  Yes, all the stains should wash out if the instructions are adhere to.

Question:  Does washing compromise its effectiveness?

Answer:  No, because it is such high quality, the Eraser holds up in the wash without losing it's shape or ability to remove all makeup. It is chemical free there is nothing to alter with washing.

NB:  Please note the Makeup Eraser will tend to create fluff the first few times of being washed. This is perfectly normal. It is similar to a new towel losing fluff.

Question:  Do the cloths smell?

Answer:  No, the cloths do not smell other than the detergent you wash with. They smell fresh just like your clothes after it's being washed. However, if you leave one wet in a gym bag for instance, it may smell a bit. Simply throw back into your washer.

Question:  How wet does the cloth need to be?

Answer:  Make sure the cloth is well soaked and preferably with warm water.

Question:  How long will it last?

Answer:  Each Eraser will last about 1000 washes or longer. Because it is such high quality, it is nearly impossible to wear out. …….. ( I personally have my original Makeup Eraser from August 2013 and I can confirm that it still looks new).